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25 years in the making

In 2015 Claudio Franco Design&Develop hits the remarkable milestone of twenty-five years of stunning creativity and everlasting innovation. Since the very inception of the studio we deliver top-quality design and creative ideas in a multitude of industries.

What we do

We are a creativity factory, you tell us which product you want to develop and we can propose you ideas, technologies and process to bring that to the market. Also we can help you to sort out, develop and deliver your ideas based on your timing and budget requirements. We can provide you with the best know-how in the industry, being able to use our experience from multiple context into your own products and business model. We can follow your process from the concept through the productization to the production thanks to our network and experts.

During the last 25 years we have invested in technology and process in order to shorten the time to market of the products we develop. We can proudly show you our achievements and objectively tell you how we can help you. With the creativity of our design and development process.

We can bring your imagination into reality.

We Deliver

Design Services

We can offer you a variety of options starting from the intial concept to its blueprint.


We engineer products since 1990, iterating over 3D models and prototype, we can scan and print in 3D.

Product Steering

We can help you in choosing the right technology, materials and producer. To achieve your product at your price.


We can easily show you how the product is going to look like once produced, thanks to our prototyping infrastructure.

Our customers