What we do | Production

Made in Italy, with style

We can help you produce your shoes with our global connections or we can do it ourselves in our own shop. Depending on your need we can find the right spot for your needs. If you need made in Italy shoes, we can deliver. For special make-up, limited runs or anything you can envision we have the capability of delivering to you the finished shoe.

Custom made

We produce shoes on our shop, with the most advanced technologies and with the best handcraftsmanship that you can find in the industry. We can build moulds, cut, stitch, weld and execute all the steps needed to bring a shoe from the paper to your feet. We have invested over the years to build one of the best place to produce your shoes.

Producing the best

Capacity of our sample shop per day
Days from the idea to the prototype
Weeks from the sourced order to the delivered shoe
Overall sourcing turnaround
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