Who we are

Innovative since 1990

The people behind the name

Our founder Claudio Franco is at the helm of footwear innovation since its entrance in the market in the early 80s. Having worked for 10 years on many different projects for a number of brands in 1990 decided to start-up his own business and created the studio. Ever since the focus of the company has been to deliver the best product, processes and tools to the market. Since 2015 the studio has also improved its offering, starting to provide also software services alongside the usual footwear design and development. We are a family company that drives project with people and ideas. We are a low-bureacracy and quick-executing studio that can deliver a concept within days or help you for years with steady support.

Claudio Franco in Moscow in the early 1990s


We designed our workplace around our innovative spirit. A place for working and for the mind, to drive novelty and a shelter for creative people. At our place you will find the best environment to drive new ideas for footwear products.

Inside the creative factory

Since 2009 we are located in Asolo, Italy in a brand new building we have designed to bring our studio to the next level. In here we have the best infrastructure to deliver the full creation process for footwear. We have a big sample shop that can also run small productions equipped with all the machinery needed for the creation of footwear. Office space for designers and software developers to enable them to work at their best and unleash their creativity. Within the same space we can bring ideas from their inception to the very creation of the product itself. Come and visit us to see for your self, you will be impressed.

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An outside view of our headquarter

Our History

Our district and our people have a long history of making quality footwear. Our area is proud of being involved in footwear since a long time. Montebelluna and Asolo have been, since a long time an important hub for textile and footwear. During the great war was at the front of military supply for boots until it became part of the front itself. After world war II the industrious people of the area started developing outdoor and ski boots and other sports footwear. We pride ourselves of having still important international brands that keep their headquarters in Italy, within few kilometers from our offices.

After world war two in the area many outdoor footwear companies started doing business between Asolo and Montebelluna.
Claudio Franco starts working for sport style, his brother's company where he learns shoe design and pattern engineering.
Claudio Franco goes solo, starting to provide design and pattern engineering services for third parties.
design&develop is incorporated as a limited company to meet the growing demand for footwear development services.
The new millenium is at the doors and the studio is steadily growing with its customers
This year marks an important milestone for the company, O'Neill footwear reach 10 years of collaboration with us and 4M pairs.
We move into the new space we built for ourselves finally having a shelter that matches our company soul.
Piero Franco, Claudio's youngest son starts working with the company, bringing new prespective to the company.
design&develop starts providing software services for its customers. From this Jevero will be born a few years later.