• Imagination becomes reality.
  • More than twenty-five years of expertise, from classical techniques to new technologies.
  • Come and see for yourself what we can do.
  • We bring ideas to life.

Claudio Franco design&develop, where imagination becomes reality.

We bring ideas into products. Fast and efficiently.

Beautiful Design

Our artists can rapidly create sketches and concepts for the best products, these can steer the decision-making process early in the product development. Blueprints are then usually created in order to better visualize the direction the product is taking and help decisions.

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Fast Development

Through CAD models and 3D scanning our engineers bring the concept to its virtual life, analysing the problems and creating a clear picture of what will be the final look of the concept. All the problems that are connected with the production are found earlier thanks to our virtual process.

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Accurate Prototyping

Thanks to rapid prototyping and 5-axis CNC machines we can create an accurate prototype product allowing to decide whether to move further into production or to re-iterate the design process. We can easily jump back to the virtual model thanks to our 3D scanning techniques.

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