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Design wonderful footwear products

Since the very start of the studio we have focused on delivering innovative footwear products. We range from technical and sport footwear to more classic shoes. If you have an idea of what you want to wear on your feet we can envison it and bring it to production. We provide the full service for your need, from the concept to the production, you can come to us with an idea and leave with a shoe in your hands.

Our process

We start from the concept phase, we produce art to review your idea together so you can steer it to the right direction, from there we provide detailed blueprints that can be delivered to our pattern engineers and 3D modellers so they can respectively build the upper and the sole. We produce the upper prototype in our sample shop and the sole prototype in our workshop. We can 3D print, mill or mould any part that is needed to complete the shoe. We can execute all the parts of the shoe design process for you or just what you need. We can steer the ideas or follow your lead, you tell us what you need.

By the numbers

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